Auction Buyers Club

An exclusive community of property investors, actively buying and selling at auction. Established in 2020. Led by Jay Howard and Piotr Rusinek.


A place for likeminded investors

At Auction Buyers Club we create a place where individuals interested in purchasing properties at auctions can comfortably navigate the auction process, gain the necessary knowledge, and take regular action to achieve their property investment goals.


Power of community

We understand that the power of community can propel individuals to new heights of success in the property space. By providing education and fostering a strong community, we empower our members to access the auction marketplace with confidence.


Removing barriers

We recognize that the auction market can be daunting and challenging for many investors. Our mission is to create a space for our members to thrive. Unlike traditional networking organizations or communities, we prioritize the safety and success of our members.


Fostering confidence

Our motivation to establish Auction Buyers Club stemmed from the realization that many potential deals in auctions went unrealized due to investors' lack of comfort and understanding of the auction process. We believe that the power of collaboration and shared experiences within a club setting can significantly accelerate learning and success.


Diverse expertise & inclusive community

ABC is diverse and inclusive. We have members from various backgrounds and expertise, ranging from high-ranking professionals in banking and medical professions to professional athletes. Our community thrives on the richness of its members' diverse experiences, allowing for valuable knowledge sharing.


Trust as currency

Rather than a competitive environment where everyone guards their potential deals, our community encourages open communication. Members freely discuss plans for properties they are interested in. Trust is the currency within our club, and we have cultivated an atmosphere where members can support one another.


Curated membership

Curation is critical to our club's success. We assess potential members based on criteria such as their financial capacity, expertise, motivation, and ability to contribute to the community. This ensures that every member adds value to the group, and is genuinely committed to taking actionable steps toward achieving their investment goals.


Members discuss strategy weekly

Our weekly strategy calls are where members discuss current auctions, review potential deals, and provide insights and advice. We also organise quarterly in-person boardroom events, providing a full day of troubleshooting, industry insights, and opportunities to network.


Exclusive tools & resources

We understand the importance of knowledge sharing and equipping our members with the necessary tools and resources. That's why we provide members access to our on-demand 2-day workshop recording, covering the A-Z of auction essentials. Members also gain access to tools like the maximum bid calculator and stamp duty formula, as well as resources on various aspects of property investment.


A Club of Distinction

Our membership model ensures a limited number of seats. Membership grows organically by referral and invitation.

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Our criteria:

  • You want to be part of an exclusive club where members purchased over £7,500,000 and sold over £6,500,000 worth of property in the last 12 months.

  • You are interested in exploring auctions as one of the marketplaces to access deals.

  • You have £100,000+ liquid cash available to do your own deals.

  • You are willing to spend time reviewing auction catalogues, taking on and managing risks.

  • You are willing to share your experience with others in the club.

  • You are ready to transact.